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Revised Edition: Instrument Procedures Handbook: This manual is designed as a technical reference for professional pilots who operate under instrument flight rules (IFR) in the National Airspace System (NAS). It expands on information contained in the FAA-H-8083-15, Instrument Flying Handbook, and introduces advanced information for IFR operations. Instrument flight instructors, instrument pilots, and instrument students will also find this handbook a valuable resource since it is used as a reference for the Airline Transport Pilot and Instrument Knowledge Tests and for the Practical Test Standards. It also provides detailed coverage of instrument charts and procedures including IFR takeoff, departure, en route, arrival, approach, and landing. Safety information covering relevant subjects such as runway incursion, land and hold short operations, controlled flight into terrain, and human factors issues also are included. Contents: Chapter 1 — IFR Operations in the National Airspace System; Chapter 2 — Takeoffs and Departures; Chapter 3 — En Route Operations; Chapter 4 — Arrivals; Chapter 5 Approaches; Chapter 6 — System Improvement Plans; Chapter 7 — Helicopter Instrument Procedures; Appendix A — Airborne Navigation Databases; Appendix B — Staying Within Protected Airspace; Appendix C — Acronyms and Glossary

玩書籍App|Instrument Procedures Handbook免費|APP試玩

玩書籍App|Instrument Procedures Handbook免費|APP試玩

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is an agency of the United States Department of Transportation with authority to regulate and oversee all aspects of civil aviation in the U.S. (National Airworthiness Authority). The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 created the group under the name "Federal Aviation Agency", and adopted its current name in 1967 when it became a part of the United States Department of Transportation. The Federal Aviation Administration's major roles include: Regulating U.S. commercial space transportation. Regulating air navigation facilities' geometry and Flight inspection standards. Encouraging and developing civil aeronautics, including new aviation technology. Issuing, suspending, or revoking pilot certificates. Regulating civil aviation to promote safety, especially through local offices called Flight Standards District Offices. Developing and operating a system of air traffic control and navigation for both civil and military aircraft. Researching and developing the National Airspace System and civil aeronautics. Developing and carrying out programs to control aircraft noise and other environmental effects of civil aviation.

玩書籍App|Instrument Procedures Handbook免費|APP試玩

玩書籍App|Instrument Procedures Handbook免費|APP試玩

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