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Integrity System Integrator is a IT (Information Technology) system integrator solely owned by Mr Joseph Chang, which has been established since 1999 with an aim to provide computer solutions, computer services and computer repair to customers in confidence and with integrity.

The privacy of your information is our concern. The integrity of our service is your assurance

Data stored in the computer system can be confidential, private and personal, therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the computer system is serviced by someone with integrity.

Most of our customers have been with us for many years and some has become our personal friend. This is because of our integrity and our smile whenever we service our clients. This is a testament to the effectiveness of our service and relationship based approach.

Our experiences are in IT solutions, IT services, and computer maintenance for small businesses. Integrity System Integrator networked with other liked-minded single-man operation SI (System Integrator) to form associates to handle services or project that require specialisation and manpower. Over the years we have established associates who are reliable and trustworthy.

Integrity System Integrator is now able to advise and implement MYOB accounting software. We are able to implement a solution that gives fast mult-user MYOB access without incurring expensive software, software licenses and hardware cost. This solution effectively resolve the problem faced by many users of MYOB in multi-user mode, which every company can afford. The MYOB gets very slow for everyone once the data file gets to a certain size or once you have a couple of people working on it concurrently.

Integritys System Integrator uses WordPress themes to help company achieve professional looking website at a very competitive price and in a very short time. Our experience in setting up and running online retail stores enable us to provide website development for online retailing with e-commerce.

Our web development showcase includes,,,,, and

Our clientele are from different business sectors – non-profit organisation, fashion, food, retail, financial, insurance, manufcaturing, distributor, and wholesaler.

玩商業App|Integrity System Integrator免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Integrity System Integrator免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Integrity System Integrator免費|APP試玩

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