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玩書籍App|Japanese English Translator免費|APP試玩

Translate full sentences from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English.

When you will be traveling, you won't need a guide anymore, you can speak in the country's language in the restaurant, taxi, hotels or anywhere else.

The English to Japanese translator can be used for words and phrases.

It has also the Copy to clipboard and the text to Speech options.

玩書籍App|Japanese English Translator免費|APP試玩

You won't need a Japanese or Japan to English dictionary, with this app you can check the synonym of words instantly

★ Translates phrases, phrasebook and words

★ Reads the text after translation in both languages

★ Copy the translated text to clipboard

★ Ability to copy and paste

Internet access is required.

Japanese English translation

玩書籍App|Japanese English Translator免費|APP試玩


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