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JHAVERI Securities Ltd. introduces Smart Back Office app – a very easy & convenient android based Smart Back Office application that lets you to keep updated with live market. You can access anytime from anywhere to check you Ledger Balance, Stock Status, Open Position, Bill Details on one touch of finger.

Below are the list of application features.

· Easy to Use

· Compatible on Any Mobile / Tablet

玩財經App|Jhaveri Securities免費|APP試玩

· Real time Trade Confirmation for EQUITY / DERIVATIVE / CURRENCY / COMMODITY

· Real time M2M calculation on open position

玩財經App|Jhaveri Securities免費|APP試玩

· Bill Detail on a click of finger

· Holding @ Real Time Value

玩財經App|Jhaveri Securities免費|APP試玩

· Statement of Account

and Many More…..

So, get started now…. Smarter…….Simpler……Faster

To become a Jhaveri Securities Ltd. customer fill account opening form on http://live.jetrade.in:1082/kyc/ or Give Miss Call on 08049336177

玩財經App|Jhaveri Securities免費|APP試玩

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