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Jio Health is a Health Engagement platform that enables the User to be actively involved in his health management, and helps the Health Provider (Physicians, Hospitals, Care Managers), to prescribe Activities, Goals, Achievements for the User. The User is reminded of these Activities, etc., and is Rewarded JioPoints for performing them. JioPoints can be redeemed for real Rewards (e.g. Starbucks, CVS, Amazon rewards).


玩健康App|Jio Health Engagement免費|APP試玩

Google does not have any connections with the awarding of points and/or rewards in this app and will not take any liabilities associated with this app event. Google is not a sponsor or involved in the awarding, distribution, or fulfillment of the points and rewards included within this app. The prizes are not Google products, nor is there any association with Google for the points and rewards system.

玩健康App|Jio Health Engagement免費|APP試玩

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