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In-person, Real-Time Multiplayer

Our vision is to bring the experience of bringing people together to play games in person to mobile devices. Many social games and multi-player mobile games are turn-based, but our system encourages people to come together and play games in-person and in real-time for an arcade-like experience.

Mobility & Flexibility to Play Anywhere

Games can be played on virtually anywhere with anyone who has a touch enabled device. Whether they are in the comfort of their own homes, waiting in line at the movies or enjoying a meal at a restaurant, we envision people using our system to play games wherever they may find themselves.

New and Exciting Game Possibilities

Modern mobile devices have many of the same features currently available in standard console controllers, such as accelerometers and microphones. However, they also have new ones such as cameras, touch screens and GPS. We believe these features will allow our platform to open up whole new dimensions of game play.

Unique Opportunities for Game Developers

We plan to license the software that converts mobile phones into controllers to third party developers and work with them to create new games and features. We believe this level of openness will cultivate an environment of innovation and creativity to bring unique content to our users.

Here is a video of how the controller works :

Play a demo games at

玩街機App|Jovios Controller免費|APP試玩

or use an iPad as the main screen on the same local network (UDP enabled network for best results)

玩街機App|Jovios Controller免費|APP試玩

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