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玩生活App|Joy Extra免費|APP試玩

Presenting the Joy Extra App, the hottest Augmented Reality App from JOY Magazine, engaging your imagination deeper.

JOY Augmented Reality App will take your imagination to another level.

Download this App to unlock interactive reading experiences, launch videos and enjoy more features that you've never experienced before, directly from the magazine into your mobile devices.

Grab the latest edition of JOY and scan it using this App on the selected inside pages labelled with the App marker.

*** This app is applicable for JOY November 2014 edition onwards.

*** A minimum 3G network is required for the best experience.

玩生活App|Joy Extra免費|APP試玩

玩生活App|Joy Extra免費|APP試玩

玩生活App|Joy Extra免費|APP試玩

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不限時間玩Joy Extra App免費

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