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Bonghwang-ri, Chungbuk Boeungun directly from the foot of the Mt raised deer, elk antler production. Deer in order to maximize the effectiveness and functionality, traditional pottery and alkali germanium, tourmaline ceramic ball leverage (patent pending: No. 10-2009-0097606) to produce various products. In particular, combining a unique fermentation process produces a unique effect by Deer Antler absorption has increased and more effective.

Currently, the fermented antler bath / chongmyeongtang GOLD, nokdaesansaeng fermentation, acid production in the Great Lakes, yangsoldaegam, All 100 daechujeup, loess and pear and a variety of products has continued to produce research.

Specifically authorized sikyangcheongeseo 600 kinds flavored, colored, and denial of food additives, preservatives, etc. Any and all products using the cheonyeonjaeryoman sugar, preservatives, insensitive to insist on the U.S. charges.

In addition, a large temperature spread at the foot of Mt high sugar content (32Brix) boasts a consumer you use enough of gratitude jujube deliciously seasoned, and a lot of stress in modern life, many coffee and soft drinks on behalf of the AU men and women health (especially seasons Health Helpful for) will help


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