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玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

Utility application to extract and copy text/links to clipboard

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

(Used from Sharing dialog only)

* Supported Apps:

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- Plume for Twitter

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- Official Twitter (mobile and tablet versions)

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- TweetCaster

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- YouTube

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- Foursquare

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- Google Play

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- Feedly

玩生產應用App|Just Copy It免費|APP試玩

- Google Keep

- Vine

- Pocket

- Talon

* Permissions:

- Internet: Reporting bugs to the developers

- Accounts: To receive push notifications

[ Developed by @A7maDev_IT ]

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