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玩生產應用App|KIDDOapp Family Calendar免費|APP試玩

Dear Parents, KIDDOapp is a family calendar & family organizer and the first calendar that lets you easily schedule activities for you and your kiddo all from one place and share your calendar with your family. Our family calendar & family organizer

KIDDOapp provides:

- A simple, easy and quick way to create events for you, your kiddo, and all of you

- Clear calendar views of what's planned for today, this week & this month -- for you and your kiddo

玩生產應用App|KIDDOapp Family Calendar免費|APP試玩

- Map view of your day to help you plan your route, so you and your kids can be at the right place at the right time

- A simple way to invite friends to join your activities (even if they don’t have KIDDOapp yet)

- Share your calendar with your family and even helpers

玩生產應用App|KIDDOapp Family Calendar免費|APP試玩

- Assign dropoff and pickup to a responsible adult – and know that everything is OK

KIDDOapp is built with love by busy parents. It’s beautiful, simple and functional. KIDDOapp is going to become your new friend and invaluable power tool! We are not kidding!

玩生產應用App|KIDDOapp Family Calendar免費|APP試玩

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