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Kidkonnect™ - The most popular choice in school Apps.

玩教育App|Kangarookids - KidKonnect™免費|APP試玩

Kidkonnect™ – The smartest way to connect schools , parents and teachers. Kidkonnect is available in smartphones as well as a web based application.

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Kidkonnect™ - Helps schools to Communicate, Share, Organize and Learn.

Kidkonnect™ - The ultimate school to parent communication tool. This School Application provides schools with an easy way to update parents everything they need to know about the school, like Diary, Insta Alerts, Personal Comments, Events and Galleries, Holiday Calendar, School Notices, School Timetables, Absentee Forms, School Documents, and much more.

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Kidkonnect™ - Gives real time updates of class activities of your loved ones. Now teachers can access Kidkonnect™ from their smartphones, This helps them to share classroom updates in real time.

Kidkonnect™ - is very flexible to allow schools to create their own customized content and provides a great alternative to SMS alerts by using Free Push Alert Notifications directly to the parents smartphones and Web application. Kidkonnect™ - can be plugged in to Schools Existing website and can be easily accessed.

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Kidkonnect™ - Our Fun n learn Feature allows the school to share the class activities / curriculum with parents. This helps them to view and practice the same at home,

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Kidkonnect™ - Makes easily access Information anywhere anytime.

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