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Sharaful Islam is a Bangladeshi writer, journalist, researcher, composer, editor and publisher. He has got lots of national and international awards in various sectors. SmartMux is one of the most promising software development companies right now in the mobile application development field. In this Apps SmartMux proudly tried to develop Sharaful Islam’s books in front the Bengali speaking people of the whole world. By this Apps users can easily download and enjoy Sharaful Islam’s books as well as can share their opinion with the writer.

Some of the features include:

- Stylish way of reading PDF files
- Easily zoom in while reading the PDF file for a closer view

玩書籍App|Keu Jane Keu Janena免費|APP試玩

- Split view of all the pages in a document with curl animation.

玩書籍App|Keu Jane Keu Janena免費|APP試玩

- Quick page browsing by tap.

玩書籍App|Keu Jane Keu Janena免費|APP試玩

- Select specific page using bottom page bar.

- Share the Apps using Email.

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