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Keyano College mobile app helps you stay connected with us.

Some key features include:

• Courses—Manage your courses on the go by accessing your course schedule and links to helpful resources.

玩教育App|Keyano College免費|APP試玩

• Grades—Check your midterm and final grades on the go.

• Important numbers—Easily find all the numbers, websites, and addresses you need

• Maps—Know your campus like the back of your hand

玩教育App|Keyano College免費|APP試玩

• Student Association—Stay up to date with events organized by SAKC

• News—Dial in to everything happening in the world, both on campus and off

• Events—Never miss another important event

玩教育App|Keyano College免費|APP試玩

• Social Media—Tie your school experience right into your social network

玩教育App|Keyano College免費|APP試玩

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