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The KicVidz Story

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

KIC stands for "Keep it clean” and all videos featured inside this app have been verified as kid appropriate. What this means is that the videos do not feature any of the more common and popular curse words such as the “s” word, the “f” word, and the word used for “behind”.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Hi. My name is Shane Keller and I am the parent of a 7 year old Minecraft fanatic. I created the KicVidz app series because I wanted my son to be able to watch and enjoy all of the incredible Minecraft videos that were being uploaded to Youtube.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Because so many of them are being produced by older kids and adults, the use of curse words find their way into many of these videos. I decided to create an app that would allow parents the ability to let their child watch and discover YouTube videos worry free.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩


玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Video Categories: Parkour, Survival Games, Music Videos, Animations, and many more.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

"What's New" group featuring only the most recently added videos.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Save any video to your "Favorites" group.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

New videos updated automatically and frequently.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

We really hope that you and your child enjoys the app. Please do pass it on to any other Minecraft parents that you think could use and enjoy it too.

玩娛樂App|KicVidz - Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Also, if you want to help us get the word out, please rate the app. It REALLY helps a lot!


Shane Keller (aka DaddyBigz)

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