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Kids Science Experiment Fun ♥♥ Want to take the challenge of science for kids? Here is the fun way then!!♥♥

Here's list of great science experiments with instructions that you can do right at home or at school.

Try bending water with static electricity produced by combing your hair or rubbing it with an inflated balloon, can it really be done? Give it a try and find out! And Making disappearing ink is a lot of fun, you can pretend you are a secret agent as you keep all your secret codes and messages hidden from others. All you need is some basic household objects and the hidden power of lemon juice.And more...

Test Your Knowledge of Science Facts and Trivia! This quiz app will test your general science knowledge with 10 random multiple choice questions from a very large set of basic science questions

Download now for Free & Enjoy Kids Science Experiment Fun

玩漫畫App|Kids Science Experiment免費|APP試玩

玩漫畫App|Kids Science Experiment免費|APP試玩

玩漫畫App|Kids Science Experiment免費|APP試玩

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