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~ ~ ~ The Connoisseur's Collection: The World's Finest Kind Buds! ~ ~ ~Inside are the finest kind buds available from around the world. In your hands will be information on chronic that is available from coast to coast, exotic flowers from every corner of the earth, and strains that are only available from seed banks in Amsterdam. Indulge your love for fine herbs by drooling over ganja so sweet you can almost taste it. Whether you're just beginning to learn about maryjane, or you're an experienced grower and connoisseur, this is the ultimate app for the appreciation of the cannabis plant.Kush, Diesel, Afghan, Romulan, Cheese, Purples, Northern Lights, Haze, Skunk, Thai, Hawaiian, and many, many more!These images will impress! Every image is centerfold quality! Just set up your iPad and let it run for all your friends.This is not another boring guide. These are by far the sexiest images in the app store!Features:-Tons of High Definition images of indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, and hydro.-Information on strains, genetics, lineage origins, trichomes, THC, sativa & indica.-International Dub Soundtrack-Pause feature lets you save any of the images to your photo library, simply press pause and then hold the front and top buttons simultaneously.

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