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You can set the stylish Live Wallpaper "KiraKira-Heart" created with a lot of glitters, lovely hearts and sweet images for your smartphone.

[Menu] button of Home screen => [Wallpaper] => [Live Wallpaper]=>[KiraKira-Heart]

Radio-battery icon is displayed in the notification bar. Will be displayed along with the standard icon. (Show / hide when many icons can be toggled in the settings. That appears in the notification bar, the position of the icon may not appear. In the notification bar is you can not specify. icon may be different because the state of the icon that is displayed from the beginning, please understand it beforehand.)


Our Live Wallpapers can be used in smartphone models: GALAXY S2 LTE(SC-03D), GALAXY S(SC-02B), XPERIA(SO-01B), LINX 3D(SH-03C), REGZA Phone(T-01D) and IS03.

We are on the way of adjusting the designs for smartphones. Please wait!

We would be grateful if you could send us your inquiry in Japanese.

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