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玩社交App|LJ Reader – LiveJournal Client免費|APP試玩

A revamped version of the best LiveJournal client app released! Now we have a brand new stunning design and extremely easy-to-use user interface.

ATTENTION! This version is suited for both iPhone and iPad devices. Check App Store for a cheaper device-specific versions of this app.


– Multiple LiveJournal user accounts (this is the only LJ client app that have this feature)

玩社交App|LJ Reader – LiveJournal Client免費|APP試玩

– Easy-to-use friend feed

– Read and reply on livejournal posts and comments

– Work with own livejournal

– Offline mode

– Tracking read posts

玩社交App|LJ Reader – LiveJournal Client免費|APP試玩

– Writing and publishing new posts to your LiveJournal accounts

– Viewing list of friends, communities and people, who added you to their friend list

– Embedded web browser

– List of friends and communities with their journals that can be read separately;

– Gestures support;

玩社交App|LJ Reader – LiveJournal Client免費|APP試玩

– Sharing posts and comments with Facebook, Twittern and publishing them into other apps

玩社交App|LJ Reader – LiveJournal Client免費|APP試玩

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