Lantern flash screen Ghana|不限時間玩工具App

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玩工具App|Lantern flash screen Ghana免費|APP試玩

Now you can illuminate with your camera flash or with the whole screen of your device.

Flag of Ghana.

Version 2.0

- The screen remains on

Version 1.6

- Minor bugs corrected

Version 1.4

玩工具App|Lantern flash screen Ghana免費|APP試玩

- Corrected bug for Android devices with API < 13

Version 1.3

- Added slider to control screen brightness

Version 1.2

- Added the screen lantern

Version 1.1

- Small icons to provide small application

玩工具App|Lantern flash screen Ghana免費|APP試玩

- Saves the state of the lantern for next execution

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