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Success at work is 80% dependent on Emotional Intelligence – only 20% on IQ

HR Magazine 1997 (Based on work by Goleman)

And of course your level of Emotional Intelligence directly relates to your ability to lead people successfully

– Develop a greater awareness of your own Emotional Intelligence strengths and development areas

– Get hints on how you can develop your Emotional Intelligence so you can be more successful at work and in relationships

– Upgrade to PRO to get your personal leadership style profile and support for any development areas

玩商業App|Leadershaper App免費|APP試玩

The FREE App includes 76 self-assessment Questions, divided into the 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence; Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management – completing each section takes you to an Advice page to help you develop further. The PRO service of the App is just £2.49 and this matches your EI competency profile to each of the six recognised leadership styles listed below, in a personalised report which is emailed direct to you:







玩商業App|Leadershaper App免費|APP試玩

Once you have completed a section (eg: the example below is for Social Awareness) a blue button will appear (ADVICE). Pressing this provides you with some practical advice on how to improve the area of Emotional Intelligence that you have just completed. Practicing or trying out the suggestions will enable you to be more effective at work as you develop new awareness and habits.

Once all the categories are complete, the box on the home page, Leadership style evaluation and Action Plan will become active. You can purchase an individual report for £2.49 via the Google Play store of how your own profile matches against the 6 key leadership styles. This will give you a table containing all the scores you gave yourself and an explanation of the 6 leadership styles and a graph showing what your level of probable competence is in each style. The report will make suggestions of things you can do to improve the lowest scoring styles. You will probably have a good sense of which styles are most important for you to focus on.


Q: How do I use the App?

玩商業App|Leadershaper App免費|APP試玩

A: Think about real situations that you find yourself in at work, next, consider:

• How often do I behave in the way the question is asking?

• Try to think of this in terms of your habitual ways of working, for example: you may have lost your cool badly on one occasion, but that does not make it worth scoring very highly since that is not ‘always’

• Be really honest with yourself to spot your habits as they are the things you do without thinking and by reflecting more and actively practicing operating differently, you can actually change your ‘brain wiring’ and create new, more helpful habits.

Q: Why are there different numbers of questions under each category?

A: Each category has a different set of capabilities that underpin them and there are 4 questions for each of these. So, for example; Self-Awareness splits into ‘Emotional Self Awareness”, “Accurate Self Assessment” and “Self Confidence” whereas other categories have more ‘facets’ that contribute to the overall competency.

玩商業App|Leadershaper App免費|APP試玩

Q: Can I get more help?

A: Sure! You can ask a question about the App by sending a message via: www.leadershape.biz/contact

玩商業App|Leadershaper App免費|APP試玩

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