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A short guide about Bitcoin. This is meant to be an introduction to people who want to understand what Bitcoin is, from a practical point of view: what is it, why are people talking about it, is it a bubble, can I make money out of it, ...? Those are questions we hear about all the time, and we try to answer them in this text.

This is a free demo for the full app which you can buy.

Some subjects that are discussed in the text:

- What is Bitcoin

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- Is it a bubble

- Is bitcoin anonymous

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- How to buy and sell bitcoin

- How to build a business based on Bitcoin

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- What are other cryptocoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

- What is Bitcoin mining and can a business be built out of this

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- How does Bitcoin work

- Where to find more information

and more.

Chapters of this guide are:

- What is Bitcoin

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- Frequently asked questions about this cryptocoin

- Buying and Selling Bitcoin

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- Bitcoin Mining: how to mine Bitcoins

- Bitcoin Alternatives: Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

other chapters included in the full version (not in this demo):

- Bitcoin Security

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- Bitcoin - based businesses

- An economic perspective

玩書籍App|Learn Bitcoin免費|APP試玩

- The future

- Bitcoin resources

- Extra: the science behind bitcoin

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