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The mind is the most important asset we have. Everything generates and initiates there! Therefore we think it's a shame that negative emotions are allowed to enter our minds so easily and destroy the peace, calm, brightness and focus of an otherwise beautiful mind!

What a blessing it would be if we can train our minds simply to not to accept negative thoughts and focus only on positive ones! To let go of negative thoughts, we first need to be aware of them. Only when we are aware of the emotions which enter our minds can we attempt to identify negative ones and let them just pass without reacting to them.

LetGo is designed to help users practice that awareness. With one click in the app you can select the emotion which is bothering you and LetGo will use customizable music, videos, images, quotes and even group support to help you get out of it! If you are calling on that support frequently, it means you are also being more aware of your emotions and controlling your reactions.

Thirdly, we can react better if we take responsibility for our reactions and are aware of the fact that there are multiple reactions available for us to choose from! Just because we got angry, we are not forced to react angrily! We are in control since we can choose our reaction. LetGo help grow this attitude by letting users concisely select their reaction.

Finally, we can improve in anything if we can measure our progress and if we have quantifiable feedback. LetGo provides exactly that by recording all above events and identifying patterns and trends in our behavior. It will graphically show users their improvement over time. Will give them all statistics about their emotions and how they have reacted to them.

There are 4 types of negative emotions LetGo can help manage. It's about management of :


Anger - anger

Stress - stress, anxiety, tension


Lazy - laziness, lethargy, self doubt, procrastination, lack of confidence

Sad - sadness, depression, pessimism

And you can create and manage your own custom emotions!

If you find this as a useful app to calm you down or like the direction of Letgo , you can help us develop this further by upgrading to LetGoPlus, which has the exact same features as freely given version of LetGo. So it will really be a form of donation from your part.

Let Go plans to provide following additional features in future :

Online group support

Professional help

More charts and statistics.

AI components to find hidden patterns in your emotions (getting angry around noon week days ?)

Connections between your emotions and locations (source of your stress is not the office but the commute!)

Emotion predictions


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