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To allow golfers around the world to always find a golf match on their terms, or simply someone to play a round with!

LetsPlay18.com is a golf social networking application dedicated to helping you find new golf partners, friends and matches from your area or anywhere your travels may take you. LetsPlay18.com is not a golfing application to find tee times; nor is it a application trying to sell you the newest equipment.


Has there ever been a beautiful Saturday afternoon where you can’t seem to find anyone to play a quick 9 holes with? Joining LetsPlay18.com will never leave you alone on a Saturday afternoon again; you can always find a match!


Have you ever wished there was a way to contact a few golf buddies at once or checked their availability in real time to see who can play? The LetsPlay18.com mobile application is your ticket!


Have you ever teed it up by yourself only to learn after the round that just a few groups ahead of you some friends were playing and needed a 4th? Become a member of LetsPlay18.com and never miss another round with friends!

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