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Hi my name is Lionel Liong, married with four children. Our family leads a healthy lifestyle, when the children were younger, my wife, Susan, and myself used to take them swimming every Sunday. As for now, we go cycling or jogging during the weekends.

I have been in the property business for the past seven years. During this time I was involved in numerous new project launches, (eg. Duo Residences, Luxus Hill Landed Houses, Marina Bay Suites and many others), dealt in sales and leasing of completed residential properties (including landed and HDB) properties. And in the past few years enter into commercial properties as well.

Since I started venturing into this business, I had taken up many courses to upgrade myself and with this ongoing process become a better Professional Real Estate person.

It is during these courses that I have had the privilege of meeting some really great people and mentors, namely Mr Alfred Chia, CEO SIngcapital Pte Ltd, Mr David Poh, Owner of Asia Management and Wisdom Pte Ltd and Mr Anthony Chua, Senior Vice President, DTZ Property Network Pte Ltd and many others.

Having been in the property business for quite a fair bit of time, I discovered the passion to share my knowledge and experiences to assist my clients to find their dream homes and profitable property investments.

Going forward, I hope to continue to use my knowledge and experiences that I have gather to serve more home buyers and Investors and ultimately assist them in achieving their real estates goals.

1)Specializing in Waterfront Properties

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2) Landed Properties



-Detached Houses

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Bungalow and GCB

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