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玩商業App|Litigation Management免費|APP試玩

Published quarterly, Litigation Management covers news and topics of interest to the professionals who manage litigation — those working in-house, risk and insurance professionals, outside counsel and the third parties providing valuable services. It is the only publication of its type that requires all featured content to be co-authored by both a client-side and law firm-side author.

Each issue of the magazine is a combination of news, features and regular departments that highlight specific industry topics.

Magazine Features:

• Current and past issues of Litigation Management — absolutely free!

• Brilliant digital format.

玩商業App|Litigation Management免費|APP試玩

• Text-formatted articles designed for maximum mobile readability.

• Download each issue, then return at any time for offline reading.

• Bookmark your favorite articles.

• Share your comments with other readers.


玩商業App|Litigation Management免費|APP試玩

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