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玩模擬App|LoL Counters免費|APP試玩

there is now a version with no ads you can find a link to it in the app-----------------------League of legends Counters is an app that provides information on how to counter every champion in the game. If you are tired of being defeated in draft and ranked, use this app to help you improve. League of legends counters is complied from different sources this app will provide information on the best way to counter champions. Not only does it provide you with the items and champions that counter others, but also the reasons why!This is a fan made app by Achievables.All champion images, champion names, item images and item names are all property of Riot games.

玩模擬App|LoL Counters免費|APP試玩

玩模擬App|LoL Counters免費|APP試玩

玩模擬App|LoL Counters免費|APP試玩

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