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New features on Board! Are you ready for a totally new game concept? In Loco Lorry you move the world, not the player! Discover 30 levels of full-blown action racing across rails, busting bombs and avoiding obstacles! Beautiful 16-bit styled, handcrafted graphics and addictive gameplay will challenge you for hours! Can you find all the hidden gems and score a perfect game?

Fast paced sections mixed with a good portion of puzzle and a variety of 3 immersive worlds welcome you in this great adventure. Let the good times roll!

After almost 2 years of development and concepting, Loco Lorry comes with a whole bunch content for a minimal price! Try it out for free now and experience 4 levels of full-blown action!

玩動作App|Loco Lorry免費|APP試玩



- New Preview mode, see what's ahead at the beginning of every level!

- Integrated the facebook button to Immortal Beaver news!

- Further improvements to the storage system

- Fixed some minor bugs

玩動作App|Loco Lorry免費|APP試玩


- New storage engine, game now runs in foreign cultures

- Fixes minor bugs

- Fixes an issue in trial mode


玩動作App|Loco Lorry免費|APP試玩


玩動作App|Loco Lorry免費|APP試玩

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