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玩街機App|Lone Archer (Beta)免費|APP試玩

Lone Archer is a very addictive tower defence game. Try and protect the castle walls by shooting your flaming arrows at any enemies trying to breach!


- Move the archer left and right by tapping on the screen.

玩街機App|Lone Archer (Beta)免費|APP試玩

- tap a position repeatedly for an extra speed boost!

- Shoot your flaming arrows by tapping on the archer.

Lone Archer is currently in beta so please be gentle if you notice any bugs :) Let us know and we will get them sorted asap.

玩街機App|Lone Archer (Beta)免費|APP試玩

Feature suggestions are very welcome!

Lone Archer is brought to you by Tom Brown (@mrtomjohnbrown) & Brent Kelly (@mrbrentkelly)

玩街機App|Lone Archer (Beta)免費|APP試玩

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