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玩旅遊App|Look No Words免費|APP試玩

Look No Words - The Pocket Picture Translator

This is the perfect app when you travel abroad.

No need for translations, thumbing through phrasebooks, knowing foreign words, or awkward sign language!

Just point to a picture and you’re understood immediately.

Best of all, it works in every country on the planet!

玩旅遊App|Look No Words免費|APP試玩

There’s no language barriers for you, ever again!

Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.

It has categories including, food, drink, shopping, etc.

Downloading is very quick, and is then always on your phone ready to use immediately (internet not necessary)

玩旅遊App|Look No Words免費|APP試玩

This makes you understood easily, quickly, anywhere, anytime!

It's also really useful for people with issues with their speech, hearing, or reading.

You can even take your own pictures of things and put them into your own new or existing categories!

玩旅遊App|Look No Words免費|APP試玩

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