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玩運動App|Lopesan Meloneras Golf免費|APP試玩

Discover the new tool Lopesan Meloneras Golf, golf Lopesan Meloneras area. A golfer delivered to application .. Our goal: To make the most the player while in the field, improve your game, you can compete with friends and above all, make the game a fun ..

With the application of Lopesan Meloneras Golf, golfers will find information on:

HOLES: par and handicap information, tips, photos, flyover, ... in each hole and also can view the entire field with geo location satellite view from which the player can measure the distance to the green at all times.

SCORECARD: CREATE your own scorecard for you and your friends and share it with your friends to finish the game.

玩運動App|Lopesan Meloneras Golf免費|APP試玩

OFFERS: apart to give the best service to the golfer since the application can find the best deals on the Golf Meloneras, discount brands, 2x1 Green, offers menus, discounts at the academy, ...

GALLERY: also find additional photographic material from which to see the quality of Lopesan Meloneras Golf, photos of the Academy, our Buggies, Field, Clubhouse, Rafa Cabrera ..

玩運動App|Lopesan Meloneras Golf免費|APP試玩

COMMUNITY: from the community section and from every hole you can give us your feedback, advice, who attend for your best enjoyment.

RAFAEL CABRERA: of course, also have all the information of our friend and sponsored player, Rafael Cabrera.

玩運動App|Lopesan Meloneras Golf免費|APP試玩

INFO FIELD: from which have three different ways to get to the Golf Meloneras Lopesan and contact us.

RESERVATIONS: finally will (soon) a section to hire the Green Fee from the same application.

With this application hopefully you get the most out Lopesan Meloneras Golf, 18 holes, par 71, an oasis of palm trees and lakes, nestled on the shore of Meloneras, most exclusive destination on the island of Gran Canaria.

玩運動App|Lopesan Meloneras Golf免費|APP試玩

Designed by American Ron Kirby, Lopesan Meloneras Golf extends over 520.000m2 surface and is configured as a highly technical sports arena, aimed at players with different handicaps and suitable for holding large international championships.

The course has four sets of tees per hole, making it very attractive for professional players and amateurs. In addition, the tour begins with a simple par four and ideal for the player to go to strengthen its technical and successfully meet and trust the rest of the way.

玩運動App|Lopesan Meloneras Golf免費|APP試玩

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