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With 60 mind boggling levels to complete, Lotsa Boxes will surely keep you entertained. Place arrows on the grid to direct the boxes to the correct pipe. Sort the boxes by colour over multiple rooms, even mixing or splitting colours to complete each level.

The factory boss has tasked you with delivering boxes to the correct departments. With an array of arrows at your disposal, this should be easy right? Wrong! The delivery men don’t care too much about making your job easy, boxes could be delivered in the most awkward of orders so be prepared to use any combination of crazy alternating arrows, or colour mixers to achieve your task.

Some Cool Features:

- 60 awesome levels of brain teasing fun.

- Simplistic, cartoony and kid friendly graphics.

- Mind boggling colour sorting gameplay.

- Sort boxes consecutively across multiple rooms where the outcome of each room affects the next.

- Combine or split colours to create new ones.

- Compare scores and achievements online using Scoreloop.

玩解謎App|Lotsa Boxes免費|APP試玩

- Any additional levels added in future will be free, we promise…

- No Ads!

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玩解謎App|Lotsa Boxes免費|APP試玩

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