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This is an application to aid with relaxation, sleep and meditation. You can select from a wide variety of relaxing sounds and ambient noise for your phone to play to you.

Most sleep machine apps on the market simply consist of a single MP3 recording wrapped up in an app.

Where Lullaby differs, each soundscape is dynamically generated, it never repeats, never loops, never ends. I use primitive animal/physics behaviors to generate multi layered audio, and a number of psycho-acoustic methods to set a believable sound stage. Great care has been spent to provide seamless, click free audio playback, to create soundscapes you can really explore in your mind's eye.

This allows the app to be relatively small, have a large choice of audio, and prevent loops and patterns emerging from the sound scape, disturbing relaxation.


Soundscapes Include

玩生活App|Lullaby Pro免費|APP試玩

Rain, sea and lake waves, wind, river.

IEEE standard White\pink\brown\violet\blue noise.

Nigtingale\thrush\loon\duck\cuckoo and crow calls.

Farmyard animals, sheep, pigs, cows, dogs.

Over 30 calming soundscapes.

Option to automatically fade out soundscapes to prevent disturbance of REM sleep.

Precision volume control allows you to set volume much lower than other apps.

玩生活App|Lullaby Pro免費|APP試玩

If there's a soundscape you'd like me to add, you can mail me from within the app, or leave a review with your suggestion.

For the latest on Lullaby, visit the Lullaby Facebook page at

Lullaby does not collect any personal information.

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