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As one of the leading discount carpet and bed retailers in Stoke, M & S Carpets & Beds are the area's specialists in helping you save money while giving your home a facelift. We understand how important it is to achieve this without breaking the bank, that's why we offer free carpet fitting with every purchase of underlay, free measurements and even delivery, should you require it.

We are delighted to introduce our official app. With it, you can make the most of your experience with us. Take advantage of our money saving vouchers, get directions straight to our store and even share your experience and write a review for our community. Don't settle for anything less than perfect – download our app and join the M & S family today!

Using our app, you can:

Save money with our exclusive in-app vouchers

玩商業App|M&S Carpets免費|APP試玩

Get directions straight to our store using your mobile device

玩商業App|M&S Carpets免費|APP試玩

Browse our gallery of images

玩商業App|M&S Carpets免費|APP試玩

Share your M & S Carpets & Beds experience with our community

Get in touch with our team instantly

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