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ME911 GPS leverages location-based services to "Check-In" and "Locate" loved ones, friends and colleagues.

With ME911 GPS you can quickly pick a message template and send it along with a GPS link so recipients can see your location on a map. You can also, request the Location of other ME911 GPS users for which they can even designate a "Duration" to share their whereabouts.

You may be:

+ Traveling in an unfamiliar city seeking directions from a colleague you're meeting.

+ Wanting to know your teenage child is where they are supposed to be.

+ "Checking In" with loved ones so they know you're safe as well as your whereabouts.

玩生活App|ME911 GPS免費|APP試玩

+ In an emergency wanting to send a beacon/broadcast to loved ones.

+ Simply texting a person you're running late to meet and including your location as a point of reference.

+ Wanting to know the location of a person caught up in a disaster.

+ Perhaps you're adventuring, skiing or on foreign travel and want loved ones to be able to see your location as a lifeline.

In these and many other cases you'll find ME911 GPS invaluable!


玩生活App|ME911 GPS免費|APP試玩

Push your location to one or many family, friends, loved ones or colleagues via sms/text message. Simply with a couple taps from your mobile phone.

Choose from a list of "Templates" or fill in your own message: ME911 GPS automatically embeds your GPS coordinates as a link on a map.

Easily select from recent Check-Ins making it even easier to connect with frequent contacts.

You can "Check-In" with anyone that has a sms and data capable mobile phone, feature phone, or smartphone.


玩生活App|ME911 GPS免費|APP試玩

Locate other family, friends or loved ones that also have ME911 GPS.

Allow loved ones to Locate or Follow you.

As a ME911 GPS user, you can Allow or Deny sharing your location at your discretion and control.

Each ME911 GPS user can even determine how long they can be Located or Followed. For example, just for the moment, 15 minutes, 1 hour or a whole day - the user decides.

玩生活App|ME911 GPS免費|APP試玩

For the Locate feature, each party has to have a smartphone that supports the ME911 GPS App (for now available on Android - coming soon on other smartphones).

Be safe and be smart, don't leave home without ME911 GPS!


The ME911 GPS App is Free

玩生活App|ME911 GPS免費|APP試玩

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