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The Company that was to become MPBS Industries was first established in Germany in 1898 to market butcher supplies. It was re-established by its founders in Los Angeles, California in 1938 as a full-service equipment provider to the meat industry. Today MPBS Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment and supplies for food processors in the United States and around the globe.

玩商業App|MPBS Industries免費|APP試玩

Our product lines include items for grinding, mixing, blending, portioning, injecting, tumbling, filling, slicing, smoking and packaging. Equipment sales are supported by our technicians and by a substantial inventory of machine replacement parts. Food plant and butcher supplies (hand tools, cutlery, clothing, material handling, packaging materials) are offered through our catalog sales department.

We can provide you with the best combination of new and/or used, refurbished meat and food processing and packaging equipment tailored to your requirements. Our experienced technical staff can assist you in selecting and implementing a single item or a complete production line.

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