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玩遊戲App|MS Points Ultimate免費|APP試玩

Convert Microsoft Points to your local currency accurately. Microsoft Points are used by Zune, Xbox LIVE, Games for Windows - LIVE, and other Microsoft properties and partners. But how much money Microsoft Points cost?

This application let you convert Microsoft Points to two prices in your currency: the online price (i.e. and the price at your local store, which is sometimes lower than the online price, especially when you find a discounted Points Card!


- Instant conversion

- Compare the price online (i.e. and at your favorite local store (Points Cards)

玩遊戲App|MS Points Ultimate免費|APP試玩

- Worldwide support: you can adjust prices in the Settings page

- Live Tile: displays the last conversion directly on your Start Screen

- Metro style design supporting portrait and landscape screen orientation and the standard numeric keypad

- Free

Disclaimer: this app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Microsoft Points, Xbox, Xbox LIVE and Zune are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


玩遊戲App|MS Points Ultimate免費|APP試玩


玩遊戲App|MS Points Ultimate免費|APP試玩

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