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If you really want to impress that special someone, tell them what you love about them, and tell them often! The Magic Heart App makes that easy to do. It lets you enter your own phrases which will then magically appear in random order anytime you shake the device, or when you press the Tell Me button.

It comes with just a few sample phrases to get you started. To view a random phrase, either shake the App or click the Tell Me button. Send the card by clicking the E-mail icon. View a list of your phrases by clicking the List icon. From the list, click on any phrase to load that phrase into the heart. In that way, you can send your loved-one a specific message.

玩社交App|Magic Heart免費|APP試玩

Click the Cog icon to go to the Settings screen. There, you can edit the saying that appears in the upper left hand corner. Change the phrase to anything you like. 'Things I love about Sally', 'Things I want to do for your birthday', whatever you wish. Try to keep the phrase around 30 characters or less.

Type in the middle of the Heart to enter a new phrase. After typing, click the Add button to add the phrase. Type and Add as many phrases as you wish. When finished, click Done to return to the main card.

玩社交App|Magic Heart免費|APP試玩

If you have many phrases you wish to load, you may load them from a plain text file that you post on a website. Just ensure it is saved as plain text with one phrase per line, with no blank lines at the top, middle or bottom of the file. You can load this file using the Load button and the internet address box at the top of the List screen.

Buy a copy of Magic Heart for yourself, enter all of your own phrases, then once a day, or several times a day, e-mail a card to your sweetheart. Also, buy them a copy of Magic Heart, load your phrases into their device, and then they can ask the Magic Heart to tell them how you feel about them whenever they wish!

玩社交App|Magic Heart免費|APP試玩

Your sweetheart will be very pleased!

玩社交App|Magic Heart免費|APP試玩

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