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MailDroid is an ad-supported Webdav/POP3/IMAP Idle Push mail client written from the ground up and and not based on the stock Android email client.

MailDroid has all the features you could want from a mobile email client and it continues to be built around user feedback. With the ability for IMAP users to sync draft mails, sent mail, deleted mail based on when they are on wifi or mobile as well as pop3 preload capability, MailDroid was built with mobile data in mind from the start. MailDroid also is an email client focusing in on what business users want such as choosing to delete an email locally or from both device and server per email read as well as custom rules to alert and move certain email to folders. Finally, for the power users there is even encryption capability using open PGP and S/MIME. MailDroid will allow you to encrypt and/or sign email using open PGP in the MIME format or Inline format and allow you to encrypt and/or sign an email using S/MIME. There are so many other features that can be found in the app, see a sample below:

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玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩


1. Complete email re-write and not based at all on the standard Android mail client

2. IMAP Idle Push for all IMAP email servers that support it (including, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Aol, FastMail, GMX and many more)

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

3. Save/Download Attachments from email to SD card using ES Explorer, Astro, or any other file explorer. You can also use the built in File Manager.

4. Settings Support for signature, font size, ring tone, led color, icon selection etc.

5. Custom Mail Rules (like outlook and thunderbird)

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

6. Spell Check

7. Search your mail online (for IMAP only) or offline for both IMAP and POP

8. Password Protection

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

9. Microsoft Exchange 2003,2007,2010, Office 365

10. Full WYSIWYG editor

11. Split screen for tablets

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

12. Calendar integration using ICS attachment for IMAP and POP (exchange 2007/2010 support is coming)

13. Cloud storage integration (dropbox,, google drive)

14. Customize your inbox styles to your preference

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

15. Spam Filter Plugin ==> REQUIRES AN IN-APP PAYMENT

16. Email Conversation Threaded Mode

17. Mobile View options

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

18. Different notification styles and icons

19. Identities or Aliases

20. Backup SMTP Provider capability

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

21. open PGP support using PGP Inline or PGP MIME

22. S/MIME support

23. Custom themes using the MailDroid Theme Plugin

玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

24. Much more....



玩通訊App|MailDroid - Email Application免費|APP試玩

Please email support if you have any questions or see any issues.

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