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Maitre’D DataBoard® is a real-time business monitoring and alerts app that provides restaurant operators with access to critical business performance metrics. This mobile application allows restaurant managers to proactively run restaurant operations remotely, or on site.

玩商業App|Maitre'D DataBoard免費|APP試玩

• Real time data enables managers to take action immediately when required

玩商業App|Maitre'D DataBoard免費|APP試玩

• Dashboard shows today's key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, labor cost, discounts, customer counts and voids, with drill-down capability

玩商業App|Maitre'D DataBoard免費|APP試玩

• Receive alerts and push notifications when key indicators fall outside normal ranges, or when critical problems occur

玩商業App|Maitre'D DataBoard免費|APP試玩

• Ability to monitor a single or multiple locations

玩商業App|Maitre'D DataBoard免費|APP試玩

• Call button allows you to contact the restaurant immediately with a single touch and without exiting the application

• With a single touch, compare data to yesterday’s KPIs or use the calendar to view a snapshot of any other day

REQUIREMENTS - You must be running a Maitre’D POS system from Posera (version 7.05 hot fix 87 or higher) to receive real time updates, and purchase a subscription to enable the application's features.

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