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***Requires Android 2.2 or Higher (uses AIR for Android)***

Anthony Pillage's Martial Motivation App (MMA)

From Bruce Lee to Sun Tzu or Ralph Waldo Emerson to Confucius, daily thoughts for the Martial Artist within us.

I remember with absolute clarity the moment many years ago, that I first felt moved by the power of words.

One sentence in the film Dead Poets Society about “Carpe Diem” and “seizing the day” and the course of my life changed in a heartbeat. This started a lifelong journey to find that which inspires and changes the perceptions of my existence.

They have been found in all sorts of unexpected places from film to The Bible, from philosopher to child, from martial artist to president.

Many, as my life has evolved, have changed in meaning and translation but they still hold that mystical quality of


That is the alchemy of the word and of, I believe, practicing martial arts. I hope that some will inspire and provoke thought amongst the readers and maybe, just maybe, alter the way in which you currently view your world.


-- Anthony Pillage

玩書籍App|Martial Motivation App免費|APP試玩

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