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玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

Searches Medline from Pubmed for Journal Articles:

* Allows searching medline/pubmed by Keyword, Author, Title, or Journal

玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

* Can limit medline/pubmed searches to Core Clinical Journals, Case Reports, Clinical Trials, Randomized Controlled Trials [RCTs], Meta-Analysis, Review, Practice Guidelines, Editorial; Date Range; Human vs Animal Studies; Male vs Female Studies

玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

* Provides pubmed/medline abstracts if they are available

* Lets you save a list of pubmed/medline References/Abstracts for offline viewing.

玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

* Lets you email a link to the pubmed website for the References/Abstracts

玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

* Install to SD

* Saves and reloads limits despite shutdown

玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

Backend of this is on a shared outages can occur...sorry!

玩醫療App|Medline Journal Search免費|APP試玩

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