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玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

It is time to boost your Phone / Tablet to highest performance levels. Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster app super charges the performance of your android device. Over a period the CPU / processor of your device starts to drain because of Unwanted Background Apps that choke the device memory and prevents smooth functioning of Android OS and foreground tasks.

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩


玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

1. Cleans / kills these unwanted background apps

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

2. Boosts system CPU / processor and Ram / Memory performance to optimized speed levels

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

3. Loads automatically on system restart and the booster sits in the notifications swipe down area to be called whenever the system speedup boosting is required.

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

4. Improves not only system speed it also leads to longer battery life.

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

5. Reports the memory cleared / optimized by the speedup booster

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

6. The dashboard displays current free resources like cpu / processor & RAM / memory

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

7. Has a task manager for manual fine tuning to kill any particular task hogging the system resources.

玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

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玩工具App|Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster免費|APP試玩

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