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It is an flat style Message app. Cool flat style UI. It is very simple to use.


- Cool Flat style UI.

- Support latest kitkat android 4.4

- Support all emojis, send and receive emoji with your friend.

- Custom ringtones support.

- Beautiful popup message dialog, support more pages popup dialog.

- Blink LED when new message arrived.

- Support custom notification icon.

- Internal snapshot support.

- Manage all SMS message conveniently.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

- Group message support.

- LED support.

- Custom any color for bubble.

Important Note:

Menu key:

- To access the hardware menu button in Galaxy S5, you can simply tap and hold Recent apps button.

Emoji problem:

- Press the menu and select "Insert Smile", Or press the attach button.

- Emoji message will block by network carrier when across network carriers, please try ask your friend to send emoji message to you by mms type message, if your friend can't see. please try to send mms type.

Out order of message problem:

- If you don't need to see duplicate notifications, please try to enable "Setting - Receive settings - Block Sms Notification", Maybe it will cause two duplicate message on some devices.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

- If your message is out of order, please try to select "Block Sms Notification" option in settings.


- Added the new Blue theme bubble.

- Design an new beautiful app icon.

- Support display one more receiver on the Titlebar.

- Fixed an crash bug when press contact info.

- Fixed the bug of black color text in bubble.

- Fixed an bug that is very hard to popup keyboard when press edit box on some devices.

- Fixed an bug that can't send message when press send button sometime.


- Fixed the blue theme bubble can't save problem.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

- Changed the date color in the conversation list to gray.

- Added the keyboard auto popup option when open conversation thread.

- Added the keyboard auto close option after sending message.

- Changed some options in setting UI.


- Added quick reply on popup message dialog.

- Added round contact photo support.

- Added first version for french/italian language support.

- Enhanced the support of input contact in recipient edit box.

- Fixed an bug of timestamp disappear.

- Fixed an bug signature, if signature is empty, it will add an blank line ago.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

- Changed some error tip info, like title and edit box.

- Changed the font size of timestamp.

- Changed the font size of edit message box.

- Other little bugs.


- Fixed the bug that can't compose new message on some devices.

- Fixed an crash bug when open an conversation thread with mms pictures.

- Fixed an crash bug when open Timestamp settings.

- Fixed an bug that can't edit Slideshow picture message.

- Fixed the size is too small under landscape.

- Fixed an bug that can't share picture by this app.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

- Fixed an bug that can't forward message sometime.

- Fixed an bug that will popup message dialog when you are in this app.

- ...


1. Fixed an crash bug on some devices on v1.9.

2. Custom color bubble and text color, you can select any color for bubble now, Bubble Settings -- Custom Bubble Color.

3. Flat style mms picture bubble.

4. Led support.

5. Make the popup UI more beautiful.

6. Fixed the crash bug when add slideshow picture.

7. Change the picture size of slideshow.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

8. Change the sending bar sync with real sending process.

9. Fixed some other little bugs.

玩通訊App|Messaging+ 7免費|APP試玩

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