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- Compatible with Kit-kat

- High quality GUI Design and very light weight


- Full dynamic application & very flexible even on low internet speed

- Uses the Youtube player so user should have youtube player pre-installed


- Very good audio and video quality

- Fully updated breaking news and conventional news items.

Communication is the key to any source of information, using a medium be it.TV, Radio, Newspaper or the internet. Metro TV Bureau has endeavored to intimate a one touch quick round up of all the latest happenings in our home state as well as the country and world at a glance. People can now follow latest news reports in the form of engaging video clips, instant updates and snappy text stories on Metro TV Bureau.


Metro TV Bureau is a completely fresh approach to covering news on live with internet penetration and smart phone users growing at an alarming rate, it is important to provide a convenient platform to consume news.

Metro TV Bureau brings you closes to your world and gets you news that truly matters to you by launching its android version app on play store.


We have confident that viewers will enjoy the inter active user experience of the app, by simply typing Apps supported by IOS, Windows, Blackberry and other software will follow shortly.


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