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The humble beginnings of Mettasia Construction Sdn Bhd can be traced back to the 1980s where it all started as a bricklaying family business. Currently, our company is located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the course of several decades, the collective experience gained and mastery over the residential development sector via direct involvement in various housing projects formed the plinth in which Mettasia Construction Sdn Bhd is built on.

Home, is where the heart is. The importance of having a home can never be downplayed and at Mettasia Construction Sdn Bhd, we believe that everyone deserves a dream home, a private space or a sanctuary whereby one can spend quality time with family members and experience true bliss. We aspire to assist you in realizing this dream by helping you add a personal touch in creating your very own private abode with the assurance of uncompromising quality and value for money.

Key Features:

玩商業App|Mettasia Construction免費|APP試玩

- Access latest company information and news from us.

玩商業App|Mettasia Construction免費|APP試玩

- Easily search products and directly send email enquiry to us.

玩商業App|Mettasia Construction免費|APP試玩

- Easy to find our contact information and location.


玩商業App|Mettasia Construction免費|APP試玩

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