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The Mezun callingcard Android App has it all !

Try our new and top quality telecom platform thru your Android without dialing an access number or a PIN!

With our new geographic location feature, the application will automatically locate your city and assign a local access number for you so that you can enjoy our lower local access rates.

With this new and enhanced version, you can:

- Dial from your Android contacts with a single click.

玩工具App|Mezun Dialer免費|APP試玩

- Create your “Favorites” list either by entering manually or adding from your contacts.

- View your “Recent Calls” and re-dial a number with a single click.

Once you are logged in, you will also enjoy the benefits below:

玩工具App|Mezun Dialer免費|APP試玩

- Re-charge your account with one-click.

- Update your Smart Call or Speed Dial records easily.

玩工具App|Mezun Dialer免費|APP試玩

- Send international text messages to any country in the world.

- Call or E-mail our Call Center 7/24 with a click.

Visit us at:

玩工具App|Mezun Dialer免費|APP試玩

玩工具App|Mezun Dialer免費|APP試玩

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