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Mill Woods Golf Course is operated by MCARFA (Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association), who’s mandate is to build and operate recreational and cultural facilities for the Mill Woods Community and the City of Edmonton. The Operating Committee’s mandate is to be known for our excellent product and friendly, helpful service. Mill Woods Golf Course very deeply wishes to provide the best Golfing experiences and facilities to our customers and the friendliest, cheeriest and most enthusiastic Customer Service. PLEASE ALLOW PUSH MESSAGES.

Download our mobile app to:

- call us directly

玩運動App|Millwoods Golf Club Edmonton免費|APP試玩

- get map / directions to our golf course

- book a tee time

- get rate and other golf course information

玩運動App|Millwoods Golf Club Edmonton免費|APP試玩

- get current news / tournament information

- see what players are saying about our facility

- send us your photo for our gallery

玩運動App|Millwoods Golf Club Edmonton免費|APP試玩

- use our built in QR scanner, tip calculator

.... and much more !

玩運動App|Millwoods Golf Club Edmonton免費|APP試玩

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