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RCP Minimal Tones provides more than 55 all new tones designed with the minimalist in mind. Sounds that are discreet and polite, perfect for business meetings or any professional environment. The tones in this collection are complemented with five to seven seconds of silence after each tone, adding to the unobtrusive effect.

Perfect for text messages, voicemails, calendar alerts, and alarms, also included are several "Meeting Mode" tones which will only sound once during an incoming call (or every 25 seconds for a makeshift snooze alarm).

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

These tones are designed solely for the most discerning of Android users, and may not be suitable if you require a loud, insistent ring for your workplace.

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩


· Polite, unobtrusive alerts

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

· Discreet and modern rings

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

· Unique beeps

· Elegant chimes

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

· "Meeting Mode" tones with 25 seconds of silence

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

· Total: 55+ all new tones


玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

We pride ourselves on offering quick and helpful support to all of our customers. If you have any trouble installing the ringtones, please contact our support team and we will help you get the tones installed as quickly and easily as possible.

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩


Professional ringtone design and dedicated customer service. Good tones and how to install them. We will never charge hidden or recurring fees or share your information. We do not spam or scam. If you ever have any problems, we want to help you!

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

Audio previews, support, and more are available at

玩生活App|Minimal Ringtones免費|APP試玩

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