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玩街機App|Missile rain HD免費|APP試玩

This is a special flight to avoid shooting games, the use of tracking enemy missiles and then boot back to defeat the enemy, This will give you new and exciting experience.


*30 stages and various enemy

*Practice your operation and upgrade the skills ,you will feel your grown

*The physical missiles will make you excite

玩街機App|Missile rain HD免費|APP試玩

*Sound shock give you Extraordinary experience

*Three operation modes give you different feelings

*Clear stage by different ways


玩街機App|Missile rain HD免費|APP試玩

Gravity sensing or Joystick or Touch screen

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玩街機App|Missile rain HD免費|APP試玩

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Missile rain HD

玩街機App|Missile rain HD免費|APP試玩

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