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玩工具App|Mobile Admin for Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Mobile Admin for Minecraft allows to you manage your Minecraft server and even chat with other players right from your phone!

Paid version adds:

- Real time chat

- Server control widget

- Multi-Server support via login screen (define and save multiple servers)

玩工具App|Mobile Admin for Minecraft免費|APP試玩

- Interactive server console screen

- Online/Offline users listed

- User statistics including login time, blocks placed/broken and deaths.

- Player skins in list

玩工具App|Mobile Admin for Minecraft免費|APP試玩

- Multi-User support

- Third party plugin support such as Dynmap

For more information and to download the MobileAdmin plugin, please visit

IMPORTANT: this application requires you to run your own Minecraft server using Bukkit or hMod (or variants like Canary).



Self explanatory.


玩工具App|Mobile Admin for Minecraft免費|APP試玩

The app keeps a wake lock during screen off so it can complete the quit process.


This is coarse location, not fine. I use this for basic analytics via Flurry. I can only tell general location from this, not where you live. ;)

Self explanatory.


This is used by the license check to identify the hardware, nothing more.


玩工具App|Mobile Admin for Minecraft免費|APP試玩

Self explanatory.

玩工具App|Mobile Admin for Minecraft免費|APP試玩

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